Internet Killed The Radio Star

antique radioThe common consensus is that commercial radio is dying, and who can blame them?  With Podcasts and integrated devices, more and more people are listening to more of what they want to hear.

Internet and satellite radio, podcasting, high-definition radio and mobile audio services are all revolutionizing a radio industry that remained virtually unchanged for a century.

Increasingly, advertisers are moving towards online venues to reach their target audience. This is primarily driven by the increasing move towards online media for both news and entertainment among audiences. A look at advertising revenue statistics will make it clear:

stats radio vs online

Is the internet killing radio then?

Commercial radio as we know it, I think, is in its eventual demise, but radio is evolving to the situation. All the official radio stations in Singapore, for example, have online streaming services, with 91.3FM offering high quality radio that actually sounds better than their radio transmission in some parts of the country.

It may take on various different forms, but the idea of radio: a medium that allows broadcasting to a large audience in real time would not go away easily. It may be repackaged online or through a satellite, but the bottom line is the essence of radio, the idea of it, is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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