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Google’s Search Engine Updated: Original Content Preferred


Anyone who follow’s Google’s updates would know, Google is on a content farm stampout rampage. Here’s a short timeline so far:

31st Jan 2011: Google rolled out their first changes in a slew of moves to curb the prevalence of content farm thrash. It affected an estimated 0.5% of search results.

25th Feb 2011: Google updates its search algorithm to be heavily biased towards original content.

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This is a huge boost for many ad supported websites. According to Downloadsquad, a website featuring worthy downloads and fun time-waster apps, this has boosted their traffic quite significantly. They regularly produce original, useful content that gets plagiarized often enough. Google’s recent moves have allowed them to recapture traffic that was lost to blatant plagiarism.

In its own way, Google is making the internet a better place. A place where content producers get the credit and traffic they deserve, and audiences reach the content producers directly, where all enquiries and the likes can be addressed.

On the whole, this looks like a smart move from Google to further reinforce its already vice-like grip on information indexing and retrieval. Bing and Yahoo! (both owned by the other software behemoth Microsoft) will need to buck up (setting yourselves as default top-right-hand-data-field search engines don’t really count in this respect) if they are going to pose any real threat to Google Search’s dominance.

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