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Military aircraft fire at Libya crowds

66857-demonstrators-protest-against-libyas-muammar-gaddafi-outside-the-libyaFiring upon their own countrymen with Apaches and various other aircraft, mowing down civilians indiscriminately, locking down all forms of communication including land lines and the internet. A rebellion quelled this way will not rest easy. A government like this is not sustainable.

They have only given their citizenry even more reason to revolt. Even behind the veil of politics, the loathsome mug of oppressive dictatorship reveals itself. This does look like a massacre in the making.

The two fighter planes that landed in Malta in brave defiance, flown by two senior Libyan air force officials who were ordered to bomb civilians, indicate that even its military is fragmented. This is no Egypt, and has the potential become a lot worse.

Edit: Current Death Toll 160 (Arabiya Television) look here for live coverage of the unrest in Middle East.

If there is anyone who wants to make the case for Colonel Qaddafi, I, and, I think, the international community would like to hear it.

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